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Sensor Cleaning - Firmware Updates

Sensor Cleaning


Sensor cleaning requires experience to do it properly. A clean sensor will save time and money. No long hours on the computer touching out dirty marks, which manifest as dark spots on your photos, this is especially noticeable on plain backgrounds and sky. Yes it can be done you but why risk damage to shutter blades or marking the low pass filter.  We will clean the external surface of your low pass filter.


  • Up to 3-day turnaround £45.00 for cropped / full / micro 4/3
  • Same day £55.00 (by appointment) for cropped / full / micro 4/3

We ask that all cameras be brought in with a fully charged battery or a mains adapter, as most cameras require an 80% charge or more to perform the clean. Whilst conducting an initial check on the camera, we will contact you before continuing if we feel it is unsafe to clean the sensor; due to existing scratches or stubborn marks that could cause further damage. You will be provided with a report of the checks/cleans with the return of your camera.

A final test image is taken at the end of the sensor clean. If we feel that we have achieved a lower success level than is normal, this will be reported to the customer. It is important for customers to understand that any dust on the rear of a lens subsequently fitted to the clean body will quickly transfer into the mirror box area and onto the sensor, for which we cannot be responsible.


Not confident to update your camera or lens firmware, bring your kit in and let us check/update your equipment.

We can generally do firmware updates in-store while you wait.

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