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Ricoh GR III Street Edition Special Limited Kit

This high-end digital compact camera harmonizes high-quality, high-resolution images with intuitive, responsive snapshot capabilities in its compact, lightweight body.

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Product Code: 0106100


Special Edition Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Ricoh DB-110 Batteries
  • GV-2 External Viewfinder
  • GS-2 Hand Strap
  • GN-1 Ring Cap (YO)
  • The RICOH GR III Street Edition in metallic grey and is limited to 3,500 pieces worldwide.

The design of the GR III Street Edition

The design of the GR III Street Edition is a clear commitment to street photography, which demands the highest technical performance offered by this camera.

To reflect the rough asphalt of the streets, the camera body has been treated with a metallic grey finish, featuring an elegantly grained texture created by repeatedly spraying a layer of droplets when coating the camera body. Although smooth in appearance, this special texture helps to improve the grip of the camera. An eye-catching lens ring in the signature colour orange-yellow accentuates the unique design. In addition to this, the GR III Street Edition is delivered in a Special Limited Kit, which comes with a pair of exclusive accessories. The compact and detachable viewfinder features the identical metallic grey finish of the body. On top, the number 28 is imprinted in orange-yellow to highlight the camera’s angle of view, which works perfectly for street photography. A dark grey hand strap made of genuine leather with an orange-yellow stopper completes the kit.

With the newly added "Full Press Snap" by LCD setting, the shutter can be triggered using the touchscreen, cancelling the autofocus and fixing the focusing at the pre-assigned Snap Focus distance. This allows for ultimate responsiveness to capture unrepeatable moments, which is the essence of street photography and further highlights the strength of the GR III in this class. To add that finishing touch, an original shutdown screen was created that features the Street Edition logo when the camera is switched off.

This camera provides all the established features of the GR III: speed and easy operation paired with high-performance equipment and perfect image quality in an extremely compact and well-built body. This makes the camera not only an ultimate tool for reportage and snapshot photography but also a reliable companion for all those who want to bring their passion for photography to the streets every day.

This high-end digital compact camera harmonizes high-quality, high-resolution images with intuitive, responsive snapshot capabilities in its compact, lightweight body — making it an excellent choice, even for professional photographers.

To further enhance the essential values of a camera true to the GR-series concept of optimizing image quality, snapshot capabilities and portability, this latest GR-series model is equipped with a complete range of newly designed main components, including a lens, an image sensor and an imaging engine. Despite a compact body one size smaller than its predecessor, it incorporates a large APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.24 effective megapixels to produce high-resolution images, while its short start-up time of approximately 0.8 seconds allows for quick, responsive shooting. It also provides an assortment of new features, such as a high-speed hybrid AF system, and originally developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, and touch-screen operation for intuitive control, to improve operability and functionality.

For improved interface with smartphones, the GR III also features dual wireless communication and a USB Type-C™ connector, making it the top-performing model of the GR series packed with the state-of-the-art functions needed to meet today’s photographic demands.

High-resolution GR lens.

The GR III incorporates a newly developed GR LENS 18.3mm F2.8, which harmonizes exceptional imaging performance with a slim design. Its super-slim optics consists of six optical elements in four groups while retaining the 28mm angle of view (in the 35mm format) and large F2.8 maximum aperture of its predecessor. The optimal positioning of a high-refraction, low-dispersion glass element and a glass-moulded element allows it to deliver the clearest, sharpest images in GR-series history while reducing distortion and chromatic aberration to a minimum. It also minimizes the generation of flare and ghost images when shooting against backlight. To deliver high-contrast, high-resolution images of a variety of subjects and in varying photographic conditions, it also comes equipped with a macro shooting capability at a minimum focusing distance of six centimetres, and incorporates an ND (Neutral Density) filter to open up the aperture by two stops. Its nine-blade diaphragm creates a natural bokeh (defocus) effect and a truthful sense of depth at open aperture while capturing beautiful light beams at closed-down apertures.

High-quality, high-resolution images.

The GR III incorporates a large APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with an anti-aliasing (AA) filter-free design to enhance image resolving power, and a newly developed GR ENGINE 6 imaging engine. Thanks to its approximately 24.24 effective megapixels, this image sensor assures super-high-resolution images that are rich in gradations. It is also compatible with multi-tone 14-bit RAW image recording. The camera also features the accelerator unit, which is designed to optimize image data delivered by the image sensor and provides a top sensitivity of ISO 102400 for super-high-sensitivity photography.

Hybrid AF system for high-speed autofocus operation.

The GR III features a hybrid AF system combining a contrast-type AF mechanism superior in focusing precision with a phase-detection-type AF mechanism assuring high-speed focusing operation. Taking advantage of both mechanisms, it assures faster, more responsive autofocus operation.

Originally developed Shake Reduction mechanism.

Three-axis, four-step shake reduction: Thanks to the originally developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, the GR III effectively compensates for camera shake at the time of shutter release. Its three-axis mechanism minimizes adverse effects of camera shake caused by pitch, yaw and roll by as much as four shutter steps.

Compact, functional body design.

Despite the incorporation of the large APS-C-size image sensor, the GR III is designed to be extremely compact and functional, almost equal in size to the GR DIGITAL IV (which is equipped with a smaller 1/1.7-inch image sensor), providing the outstanding portability in keeping with the GR-series concept of the camera as a pocketable imaging tool or a handy picture-taking tool. It provides such user-friendly features as a short start-up time of approximately 0.8 seconds, the control dial conveniently positioned next to the four-way controller, and effortless touch-screen operation, to enhance operability and allow the user to swiftly react to once-in-a-lifetime shutter opportunities. Its exterior frame is made of highly rigid magnesium alloy to improve dependability and durability when it is being carried.

High-definition LCD monitor with intuitive touch-screen operation.

The GR III features a 3.0-inch high-definition LCD monitor with approximately 1,037,000 dots. Introduced for the first time in GR-series history, its touch-screen operation provides intuitive control of various camera functions, such as AF frameshift, menu selection, and image magnification and advance during playback. It also features an air-gapless construction, in which special resin is placed between the LCD touch-screen monitor and a protective cover made of reinforced glass, to effectively reduce the reflection and dispersion of light for improved visibility during outdoor shooting. Its Outdoor View Setting allows instant adjustment of the monitor’s brightness to the desired level for greater visibility under unfriendly lighting conditions.

Image Control function to produce desire visual effects.

The GR III’s new Image Control function provides a new type of finishing touch control that integrates effect modes into conventional image setting operation. Using 10 basic Image Control modes, the user can easily adjust various parameters, such as saturation, hue, key, contrast and graininess,* to the desired level, and create a finishing touch of their choice. A set of adjusted parameters can be added as a custom setting to the Image Control function.

Other Features:

  • Full HD movie recording (1920 x 1080 pixels, 60 frame rate) in the H.264 recording format.
  • Crop mode to capture an image at 35mm (15M) or 50mm (7M) angle of view (in the 35mm format).
  • Customization of functions assignable to ADJ and Fn buttons.
  • In-camera RAW Development, providing parameter adjustment of RAW-format images and output of JPEG-format image data
  • Color Moiré Correction function to reduce the effect of moiré in playback.
  • Interval Composite mode, effective in capturing a landscape with traces of the moon and stars.
  • Electronic Level to check the camera’s inclination.
  • GW-4 Wide Conversion Lens (optional) to expand the angle of view to 21mm ultra-wide angle.
  • Compatibility with Pentax accessory flash units.


Model GR III
Megapixels 24.2 MP : 6000x4000
Zoom None
Image Stabilised Yes
Video Resolution Full HD
Viewfinder Type None
Screen Size 3"
Tiltable Screen No
Wi-Fi Connection Yes
Memory Card Type Secure Digital (SD)
Drop Proof No
Freeze Proof No
Waterproof No
Warranty Period 2 Years


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