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4V Design Ergo Large Leather Wrist Camera Strap in Green/Cyan

Made in Italy from Tuscan leather, and ergonomically shaped for comfort, the stylish, Ergo Large Leather Wrist Strap from 4V Design will hold a DSLR with attached lens.

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Product Code: VB1-LS01B-WW2830


Made in Italy from Tuscan leather, and ergonomically shaped for comfort, the stylish, Ergo Large Leather Wrist Strap from 4V Design will hold a DSLR with attached lens. Your Ergo is pre-curved and padded to help distribute weight evenly. The inside features an attractive suede lining. And for added visual appeal, the edges of the wrist strap are hand painted. Ergo wrist straps come in a variety of colors, and some have contrasting colored stitching. Your Ergo is adjustable with the 10mm, polyamide band from 8.7 to 10.6". The band has a buckle with rounded edges, and the ends are reinforced for durability. Attach the Ergo to your camera with the included split ring connector and leather protector. Photographers will appreciate the embossed 4V logo and Made in Italy, which, along with choice of materials and construction that bespeak attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

Camera Recommendation.

ERGO is a versatile and smart wrist strap like no other. Every detail is designed to extend its range of applications. The adjustable aramid reinforced attachment band and the included optional attachments makes the ERGO virtually compatible with any camera. From the advanced compact cameras, to the latest mirrorless and the large professional DSLR’s, the ERGO strap offers a new experience of unsurpassed comfort, practicality, safety and beauty.

Hand Painted Edges.

All edges are carefully painted and beautifully finished for a unmistakable superior quality touch. This is a very time-consuming technique that requires an exceptional high precision cutting, stitching and painting. The hand-painted edges are not only just for cosmetics, but also a key detail to enhance the comfort. The rounded and smoother edges provide in fact a smoother contact with the skin for a surprising ergonomics experience.

Beautifully Stitched.

Watch wrist straps are beautifully stitched and refined tanks to the skill of 4V Design experienced Italian artisans. The beauty of the stitching is especially emphasised in the colour versions with contrasting cyan stitching. Contrast stitching is usually avoided in leather production since it highlights stitching defects. At 4V Design they are so confident in their artisan's’ skill and quality that they proudly use contrast stitching to sign their masterpieces.

Attachment Band

4V Design straps feature a custom connection band based on an exclusive design. This 10mm band is soft, comfortable, exceptionally strong and durable like no others. It is made of 100% polyamide and derives from military application bands. Its special design allows for a very high resistance to tear, wear and cut. The herringbone design makes much stronger stitched connections and the camera weight is distributed over a higher number of treads for increased durability. The band end is uniquely “folded & stitched”. This solution makes 4V straps much safer by preventing the band slipping out of the buckle accidentally. The sleek metal buckle is very compact, with rounded edges and easy to grab thanks to the ergonomic design.


Warranty Period 2 Years
Finance Option Standard Finance
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