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Velbon UC-5 Umbrella Clamp

Velbon’s UC=5 is small enough to fit into a gadget bag. With the 85cm umbrella attached and open, simply slip one or two flashguns with 180 degree swivelling heads into the hot shoe attachment.

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Product Code: 8563


For compactness, portability and ease of use, the UC-5 portable flash system’s unique features make it the perfect solution for any photographer looking for professionally lit images within a light, portable and economic package. UC-5 weighs in at just 350g (total weight) and when folded is small enough to fit into an average sized camera bag. With the 85cm umbrella attached and open, simply slip one or two standard flashguns with 180 degree swiveling heads into the hot shoe attachment, set the adjustable claws to the width of your tripod centre column or lighting stand and clamp the UC-5 securely to it. The angle of the brolly and flashgun can also be adjusted to suit the style of lighting required. The versatility of the UC-5 can also be extended to wedding and social photography as a hand held solution for a soft off centre light source creating perfect portraits without the inconvenience of setting up a traditional studio lighting kit. Similarly as an outdoor lighting solution the UC-5 can be far more convenient than taking studio lights and portable power to remote locations. -Clamps onto any column less than 530mm in diameter. -Included weather umbrella for use under rain. -Clamps can be used to hold studio umbrella, flashlight, etc.


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