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Sigma dp1 Quattro Camera with LVF-01 LCD Viewfinder

Redesigned in every aspect, including the sensor, engine, lens and body, the Sigma dp1 Quattro Compact Camera series embodies Sigma’s philosophy of creating cameras that produce works of art.

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Redesigned in every aspect, including the sensor, engine, lens and body, the Sigma dp1 Quattro Compact Camera series embodies Sigma’s philosophy of creating cameras that produce works of art. The Sigma dp1 Quattro is stocked with a fixed 19mm 2.8 standard lens designed specifically and lined up perfectly with it's Foveon X3 Quattro sensor to create exceptional images.

Renowned for unmatched image quality, the Foveon image sensor is Sigma’s proprietary technology which captures transmitted light in a vertical 3 layer sensor with dedicated layers to Red, Green and Blue. The only one of its kind, the Foveon sensor produces full bodied images, rich in tone, gradation, and texture with a 3D feel to them. The Foveon X3 Quattro offers an even higher level of image purity with an increase in resolution to the previous Foveon sensor, sure to bring about new experiences in your photography.

Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor

The Sigma dp1 Quattro incorporates a Foveon X3 direct image sensor, it's structure features a pixel ratio of 1:1:4 from the bottom, middle to top layer. The Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor is able to detect a broad range of light wavelengths. While the top layer captures both brightness and colour information, the middle and bottom layers with their larger surface area capture colour information only. During the image data processing stage, the brightness data captured in the top layer is applied to the top, middle, and bottom layers, resulting in brightness and colour data for each individual pixel.

Equivalent to 39 megapixel high resolution

A conventional colour sensor captures resolution information through green megapixels, which means the information it can contain is only 50% of the whole pixels. On the other hand, the Quattro sensor captures resolution information with the whole top layer. It holds twice as much resolution compared to conventional colour sensors. 19.6 megapixel resolution information of the top layer achieves high resolution equivalent to 39 megapixels.

TRUE III image processing engine

The Sigma dp Quattro series cameras feature the TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) III. This image processing engine has evolved in pace with Sigma's Foveon direct image sensor and incorporates all of the image processing expertise they have developed over the years. Thanks to refinements, it is the ideal engine for processing the rich and complex image data produced by the Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor. The result is high-definition, 3D-like photographs with outstandingly rich colour detail.

High performance 19mm F2.8 lens

Equipped with a 19mm f/2.8 prime lens, this camera provides a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28mm for wide-angle shooting. Its maximum aperture of f/2.8 contributes to good-quality results even in low-light conditions and can be used to create separation of a subject from its background.

Auto Focus

The Sigma dp1 Quattro features “9 point select mode” which can select the desires focusing point from 9 different frames and “Free move mode” which can move the desired point as you like. “Face Detection AF” prioritizes focus on the face of the subject when detected by the sensor. Moreover “AF Limit Mode” which adjusts the range of auto focusing and “Shutter Priority AF” which offers faster focus adjustment by stopping the live view can be selected to increase the speed of the auto focusing. By selecting “AF+MF mode”, the focus can be adjusted manually after verifying the AF by rotating the focus ring. The Sigma dp1 Quattro has an AF auxiliary light inside, which enables auto focus shooting in a low light environment.

Capable of 7 frames continuous shooting

A large volume buffer memory enables the camera to capture up to 7 RAW images per sequence in continuous shooting mode in High size. Using high speed data transfer and processing, the SIGMA dp1 Quattro features a continuous shooting speed of up to 3.5 frames per second. In addition, depending on the situation, it is possible to capture up to 4.5 frames per second and up to 14 images per sequence in continuous shooting mode in low size.

Sigma dp1 Quattro Features:

16.2 x 6.7 x 10.2 cm.
410g (without battery and card).
Included Accessories:
Lens Cap (on the camera), Hot shoe cover (on the camera), Strap, Li-ion Battery BP-51 (2 pieces), Battery Charger BC-51, Battery Charger Cable, USB Cable, Instruction Manual.

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Warranty Period 2 Years (if registered)
Finance Option Standard Finance
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