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Refurbished Pentax FA 645 150mm F2.8 Lens

The Pentax FA 645 150mm F2.8 is a moderate telephoto lens with a field of view corresponding to that of 120mm on a Pentax digital medium format camera.

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Product Code: Refurb_26345


The Pentax FA 645 150mm F2.8 features a large aperture of F2.8 for enabling a natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect for backgrounds and representations with a three-dimensional feel. This provides delineation performance for landscape photos and portraits.

High-refraction low-dispersion glass, extraordinary-low dispersion glass, and other components are used to minimize color blurring and allow sharp imaging performance with high contrast and high resolution. An inner focus system is used for keeping stable, superior imaging performance from the infinity end to the minimum shooting distance, and closeup shooting up to a minimum of 1.2m is possible.

A large hood with a PL filter operation window is included for enabling accurate operation of a circular polarizing filter while checking the results through the viewfinder.

Pentax FA 645 150mm F2.8 Lens Specifications:

Maximum aperture:
Minimum aperture:
Angle of view:
Lens construction:
7 elements in 7 groups.
Minimum focus distance:
96mm x 74.5mm.
Filter size:

What is Refurbished:

The term ‘refurbished' refers to products that have been returned to the manufacturer for any number of reasons, like if a retail store opens a product for showcasing and it is not purchased, or if an item was returned by a consumer after short-term use, than it's sent back to the manufacturer to be factory reconditioned.

Once returned to the manufacturer, the entire item is completely checked to assure it meets all factory specifications and is quality tested again. Products may be supplied in the original boxes which will be a little tatty, or a new plain box.


Price TBC No
Finance Option Standard Finance
Lens Mount Pentax 645
Lens Type Prime
Focal Length 150mm
Aperture Type Constant
Maximum Aperture F2.8
Stabilised No
Filter Size No
Warranty Period 1 Year


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