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Refurbished Pentax DA 35mm F2.4 AL Lens

Offering a natural perspective similar to that of the naked eye, the smc Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL lens is versatile enough to be used with a wide range of subjects and applications.

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Product Code: Refurb_5436


What is Refurbished:

The term ‘refurbished' refers to products that have been returned to the manufacturer for any number of reasons, like if a retail store opens a product for showcasing and it is not purchased, or if an item was returned by a consumer after short-term use, than it's sent back to the manufacturer to be factory reconditioned.

Once returned to the manufacturer, the entire item is completely checked to assure it meets all factory specifications and is quality tested again. Products may be supplied in the original boxes which will be a little tatty, or a new plain box.

Offering a natural perspective similar to that of the naked eye, the smc Pentax-DA 35mm F2.4 AL lens is not only versatile enough to be used with a wide range of subjects and applications, including snapshots, but it also provides other benefits of the unifocal design, such as the ability to throw the background out of focus, and to reproduce high-resolution images with edge-to-edge sharpness. This also is a perfect choice for digital SLR beginners to familiarize themselves with the basics of using interchangeable lenses.

Versatile, easy-to-use standard lens

When mounted on a Pentax digital SLR camera body, this standard lens offers an angle of view equivalent to a 53.5mm lens in the 35mm format. Since this angle of view assures a natural, comfortable perspective similar to that of the naked eye, the new lens comes in handy for a great variety of subjects and applications, including snapshots, landscape and portrait.

High-quality image description

Incorporating a hybrid aspherical optical element in its optics, this new lens delivers high-quality images with enhanced sharpness and contrast — from minimum focusing distance to infinity — and assures exceptional image-resolving power with outstanding brightness levels even at the edges — even at an open aperture — while effectively compensating various aberrations to a minimum. It is also treated with the Pentax-original Ghostless Coating to minimize the adverse effects of flare and ghost images, assuring true-to-life images even under demanding conditions such as harsh backlighting.

Large maximum aperture

Thanks to its maximum aperture of F2.4, this new lens not only offers a bright, clear viewfinder image, but it also allows the photographer to use faster shutter speeds under poor lighting conditions to minimize the risk of camera shake and subject shake.

Compact, lightweight design

Weighing only approximately 124 grams and measuring a mere 45mm in length, the compact, lightweight design not only makes it easy to carry this lens anywhere, but makes it highly maneuverable in various shooting conditions.

Pentax DA 35mm F2.4 Lens Specifications:

Maximum aperture:
Minimum aperture:
Angle of view:
Lens construction:
6 elements in 5 groups.
Minimum focus distance:
63mm x 45mm.
Filter size:
Included accessories:
Lens cap, Mount cap.


Price TBC No
Finance Option Standard Finance
Lens Mount Pentax K
Lens Type Prime
Focal Length 35mm
Aperture Type Constant
Maximum Aperture F2.4
Stabilised No
Filter Size No
Warranty Period 2 Years


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