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Refurbished Nissin i40 Mini Flash - Fuji Fit

The Fuji fit Nissin i40 flash is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, family shooting, indoor/ outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling.

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Product Code: Refurb_i40Fuji


The Fuji fit Nissin i40 flash is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, family shooting, indoor/outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling.

Nissin i40 Mini Flash Features:

  • Selector dial- Simply operation panel - The Nissin i40 has two selector dials controls: Function dial and Power dial. The Indicated lamp A/B/C will show the position of adjustment. Even beginners can quickly get started.
  • LED Video light - The Nissin i40 has a video light function, which has 9 steps of output level adjustment.
  • Professional flash head design - The flash head rotates horizontally 180° to right and left and tilts up 90°which is suitable for close up photography. This makes bounce shooting more arbitrary, with more angles that can be used.
  • Manual zoom - The Nissin i40 supports 24-105mm auto zoom and Manual Zoom is also available in M, SD, SF, Wireless modes. The manual setting you selected is memorized and remains unchanged when power on.
  • Supports high-speed synchronisation - Supports up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed.
  • Slave Mode - The Nissin i40 has a wireless remote flash system as a slave unit. You can enjoy creative flash photography with multiple lightings from the various directions.
  • TTL Flash Level Compensation - The power of the flash can be controlled with TTL flash level compensation.
 Whereas total exposure is controlled by the camera's EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for the exposure on the main subject only, with little impact on the exposure of the background scene. The flash power level can be adjusted from -2EV through +2EV by 0.5EV steps.
  • Metal hotshoe - Durable metal hotshot design with quick release button, easy to install and reduce the chance of damage caused by installation.
  • Fill-in reflector, Light diffusing panel and Softbox - Fill-in reflector and Light diffusing panel installed and a soft box is also included which will soften the flash and reduce shardows, it's suitable for fill-in flash in close distance (can be using with reflector).

Nissin i40 Specifications:

Guide Number:
40 (at 105mm zoom head position), 27 (at 35mm zoom head position).
Focal length coverage:
24 - 105mm (16mm when using built -in wide panel)..
Power Source:
Four size-AA batteries.
Recycling Time:
0.1 ~ 4sec.
Number of flashes:
220 ~ 1,700 flashes (approx.).
LED video light lighting time:
3.5hrs (approx.).
Color Temperature:
5,600 K.
Wireless Mode:
Wireless TTL slave, non-TTL Slave (SD, SF mode).
EV compensation on flash:
+/- 2EV in increments of 1/2 of EV.
Head position:
Up: 0-90°,Left: 0-180°,Right: 0-180°.
Flash exposure control:
1st & 2nd curtain synchronization, High speed synchronization, redeye reduction, slow synchronization (depend on camera), FE/ FV lock (set on camera)
AF-assist beam effective range:
0.7 - 5m.
Manual mode power ratio:
1/256 ~ 1/1.
Video light:
Built in video light with 9 steps of output level adjustment.
Included Accessories:
Soft case, Flash stand (with screw), Soft box, Carabiner (not for climbing).
85(H) x 61(W) x 85(D) mm.
203g (without batteries and soft box).

The term ‘refurbished' refers to products that have been returned to the manufacturer for any of a number of reasons, like if a retail store opens a product for showcasing and it is not purchased, or if an item was returned by a consumer after short-term use, than it's sent back to the manufacturer to be factory reconditioned.

Once returned to the manufacturer, the entire item is completely checked to assure it meets all factory specifications and is quality tested again. Products may be supplied in the original boxes which will be a little tatty, or a new plain black box.

This item has a 1 year warranty.


Warranty Period 1 Year
Finance Option Standard Finance


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