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The Remarkable Thing About Photography

Whether we're 8 years old or 80 years old, every person seems to recognise the value of a camera. We're not talking about value in terms of cost here (that's another matter entirely), but sentimental value - especially when there's a full SDHC memory card inside it with images that haven't been stored elsewhere.

Of course, it doesn't have to be the most expensive and latest PENTAX DSLRto contain images of a high sentimental value. What consistently attracts people of all ages and proficiency to photography isn't the fancy camera with an extravagant price tag, but, we think, a camera’s incredible ability to freeze moments in time.

What’s So Special About Photography, Anyway?

  1. No two photographs are ever the same – No matter how many tourists photograph The Great Wall Of China with the same PENTAX DSLR model, no two images will ever be identical. Sure, they may be alike, but the photographic equipment used, the lighting at the time, the angle, ISO settings and much more all have an effect on the end result.
  2. Anybody can do it – Of course, not everybody can do it well, but since point-and-shoot digital cameras and smart-phones with camera capabilities are now so accessible, it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby that can quickly offer results. Not so long ago, film cameras were the norm, but these required a much more patient person to wait until the film was developed.
  3. It makes us look closer – We drift by acting out our everyday routine, not really paying attention to the finer details in life. Photography compels us to notice the beauty surrounding us, often beauty that would otherwise have gone ignored.
  4. Our photographs tell a story – With advent of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, now more than ever we are sharing our photographs as a way to communicate our experiences, not just with close relatives, but also with old and new friends, too. It might be holiday snaps, our son’s graduation or even a 50th anniversary party – whatever they’re of, they highlight our desire to connect with others and tell our own personal story without much effort required.
  5. They immortalise us – Photographs are very likely to outlive us, especially now we can save them to the “cloud” and access them wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection. Whereas before a picture might get lost in a blaze twenty years down the line, or simply misplaced, now we can make as make copies as we like and still have a backup online.

Discover The Superiority Of A PENTAX DSLR

We have a fantastic range of the latest DSLRs from PENTAX and more leading brands here at SRS, each with its own unique features and functions to suit your exact requirements. If you would like more information about a product or have any questions regarding our service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our exceptional team. Call our customer care team on 01923 226602, or email us at today.

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