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Photography Tips For Shooting Local Landmarks

Whether you live in a capital city and your local landmarks are famous worldwide, or you live in a small town that nobody has ever heard of when you go abroad, photographing a landmark so that it causes viewers to stop a moment to take a closer look is no mean feat. If your goal is to shoot like a pro and make seemingly ordinary scenes into creative masterpieces, then this photography landmark guide is for you. We’ll discuss how to best photograph famous sights and how they differ from capturing more unfamiliar landmarks.

Landmarks: A Unique Guide For Incredible Photography

Whether it’s the beautiful 11th century Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy, or a sculpture in your hometown that’s frequently used as a meet-up point for locals, a superb camera such as a PENTAX DSLRand suitable lens will always help you take that winning shot. Here are some more expert tips that won’t let you down.

  • Set Your Alarm – Only a foolish photographer would ignore the impact of time on their subject. We can use our knowledge of time to inform us when natural light will manipulate our subject so it’s looking its best. Since light is a constantly changing phenomenon that can dramatically change the way your subject appears, you should take this into account when planning a trip. Early morning when everything is undisturbed and quiet is often the best time to photograph, but this all depends on the vibe you want to capture in your image.
  • Forget Other People’s Photos – If you shooting a famous landmark such as the Eiffel Tower, in order to avoid your photographs looking cliché and touristy, you’re going to have to think outside the box a little. You can do this by: 

    a) Heading out in extraordinary weather – It often surprises people to learn how different a landmark can look depending on the weather. Whilst Scotland’s landscapes can look majestic and awe-inspiring given the right conditions, the miserable weather that often befalls this wonderful location can often make for bad photography. That said, bad weather can also bring about dramatic, once-in-a-lifetime photographs, but be warned, you’ll have to brace yourself!

    b) Bringing another focal point into play – It could be a solitary person in the middle of prayer outside a temple, or a fruit cart in the foreground of your landmark – whatever it is, it’ll add another element of interest to your photo and give viewers a fresh perspective of an otherwise all-too-familiar scene.

    c) Considering new angles – Whilst the symmetrical Taj Mahal looks spectacular when viewed from the front, we’re so used to seeing the building from that angle that it’s all too easy to overlook a picture from the exact same viewpoint. Get creative and try extreme angles that viewers all less familiar with. Alternatively, why not have some fun and try a fish-eye lens that will distort the landmark?

    d) Focus – It’s always tempting to try and get an entire building or sculpture in your shot, but by focusing in on beautiful details, your photograph will allow people to see it in a new light.


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