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PENTAX K Mount Lenses For Every Type Of Photography

With so many PENTAX K mount lenses to choose from for your DSLR, knowing which one is right for you can feel overwhelming. From fisheyes that give you a 180° field of view, to macros that allow us to truly appreciate the small details in life, read on to find out more about PK-Mount photographic lenses and the different types of photography they’ll suit best!

Choosing Lenses: When To Use Which Lens And Why

Whilst any person who regularly takes photos – whether with their smartphone, compact or DSLR - can call themselves a photographer, those who make money from their images often confine themselves professionally to one area of expertise.

It could be a bride and groom’s special day, still life subjects for advertising, or bustling street scenes; whatever it is that you enjoy taking images of, this guide will highlight different lenses that will enable you to get the best photograph from your scene!

  • Landscape – Since landscape photography is often about getting that perfect shot of a beautiful view, wide-angle lenses are the most logical choice, allowing your viewer to see much more of the frame. You may like to try an ultra wide angle lens for certain shots, too, or if you after really creative pictures, consider a fisheye lens.
  • Street – Street photography is wide and varied; whilst one street photographer might focus in on an oblivious cyclist, another might capture a parade that’s buzzing with life. However, many make the mistake of opting for a zoom lens so that they don’t feel as intrusive and awkward (as they can stand further away), but again, a wide angle lens will deliver the best shots. You will have to get involved and disregard what others may think of you and get up close and personal, but this is something all street photographers must face!
  • Wildlife – Whether you’re capturing big cats on a safari or birds in your garden, since wild animals can be unpredictable (they may feel threatened and move away, or worse, attack!) it can be very difficult to get close. Therefore, a lens with a long focal length (a telephoto or zoom lens) and larger maximum aperture will be the best choice. Focal lengths of 300mm or greater will be best on a safari, but for tamer animals (such as birds or cats), you can get by with a focal length of 150mm to 200mm.
  • Portrait – the answer to this one is subjective – it really depends on what type of portrait! For medium and short telephoto lenses are popular for portraits, however some prefer normal lenses for their versatility.

Shop PENTAX K Mount Lenses At SRS

We’ve an extensive range of expert camera accessories from PENTAX here at SRS, sure to exceed your expectations, and if you spend over £100, you’ll receive free UK delivery, too! If you have any questions at all about our range of PENTAX K Mount Lenses, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01923 226602, or email

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