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Never Miss Another Lunar Eclipse With A PENTAX 645Z

If you’re still regretting your missed opportunity to capture last month’s supermoon and lunar eclipse because your camera didn’t offer the desired results, then let us introduce you to the unforgettable PENTAX 645Z. Delivering jaw-dropping image quality with files that are colourful, big and intricately detailed, read on to find out more about this digital medium format camera - released in the middle of 2014 - and get tips on how to capture the moon beautifully!

How To Photograph A Lunar Eclipse

With its impressive 51.4 million effective pixels, fast response, and superb low light capabilities, all the phases of the moon can be captured spectacularly with a PENTAX 645Z. However, whilst high quality photography equipment can make a magnificent difference, much of what makes a great photo become a breathtaking one is not what equipment you use, but how you use it. Here’s our advice...

  1. Think ahead – The next time a supermoon and lunar eclipse will coincide like on the 28th September 2015, it’ll be 2033, so you’ve more than enough time to prepare for that perfect image composition!
    Luckily, lunar eclipses alone happen more frequently, but there’s nothing stopping you experimenting with your new equipment on a clear night sky when the moon looks magical and stars are in abundance anyhow! Instead of simply taking a picture of the moon, put it into perspective (literally) by positioning your camera in a spot where you’ll be able to capture much more than the lunar eclipse. Whether it’s a historical landmark or a tree, don’t make the same mistake millions around the world will make by just shooting the eclipse alone; put some personality and creative thought into your shot.
    If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some brilliant examples to give you an idea of what we mean: click here to see photographs of the 2015 supermoon and lunar eclipse put into perspective.
  2. Escape from electrical lights – You don’t have to live in an overpopulated city to have light pollution ruin the quality of your photos - it might just be a singular street light! So, our best advice would be to go to a remote location where sources of light (other than the moonlit sky) are absolutely minimal. Also, we wish we didn’t have to say this, but don’t take photographs through a window – go outside! Your results will improve dramatically.
  3. Minimise Blur – As the moon is so far away, image blur is a significant threat, even with a perigee (close) moon, it’s still around 221,753 miles away! In addition, it’s easy to forget that the moon is a moving subject, orbiting our earth at an average speed of 2,288 miles per hour.
    To make sure you get sharp, defined shots of the lunar eclipse, manually setting your digital medium format camera, so that the ISO settings are relatively low and its exposure times are short, will put you in good stead for capturing a beautiful shot. Remember, the 645Z shoots remarkably well in low light conditions, so there’s really no need to have your ISO settings so high; if you do increase them, be aware that you’ll amplify the noise in your image.

Expert Tip: A tripod and a remote shutter release are both useful to reduce camera shake, even if you have the steadiest hands. A quality LCD screen display (like on the 645Z) will also make a crisp shot much more achievable as you’ll be able to see if your image is in focus effortlessly.

  1. Fine tune your white balance settings – We found the PENTAX medium format camera Auto White Balance settings to be very accurate and great for lunar shots; nevertheless, there are multiple options available to make your image just as you want it! That said, some might prefer to opt for the ‘Daylight’ or ‘Fluorescent’ presets. .
  2. Take lots of photos & experiment – You might not get the shot you imagined first time around, but luckily, a total lunar eclipse usually lasts around 1 to 2 hours, so you’ve plenty of time to get snapping!

Shop PENTAX Cameras At SRS

The PENTAX 645Z doesn’t need us to sell it; its incredible features and the stunning image quality speaks for itself. If you’d like more information about our range of professional cameras and expert photography equipment, we’d be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01923 226602, or email our customer service team at

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