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Movie meets sound with the Olympus LS Recorders

Olympus presents a new world of high quality video and audio recording. The recently released OM-D E-M5 Mark II digital compact system camera offers creative and spontaneous photographers, as well as videographers the professional look and feel of top-class equipment. Together with the award-winning professional LS-100 linear PCM recorder, Olympus offers the perfect equipment for producing hand-held movies with impressively dynamic and authentic sound.

Thanks to the world’s most powerful 5-axis image stabilization system and its handy, compact design, it is now possible for the demanding film maker to capture blur- and noise-free hand held movies – even spontaneously, even outdoors, irrespective of poor light. All that without the use of a heavy tripod, gyro rigs or other unnecessary, expensive bulk. No need to purchase more equipment, no need to plan a shoot. E-M5 Mark II allows being spontaneous, shoot in any situation without the need for more than just the camera and – for the sound – the portable studio, the LS-100. Thanks to the integrated WiFi, the video material can be shared to social media sites with Olympus OI.Share app within a few seconds.

What’s a video without the perfect sound? For film makers looking for something more than a camera to record true-to-life HiFi sound of their creative work, the award-winning professional LS-100 PCM Recorder is the perfect choice for those who need a portable studio and capture as much as possible of their work. It offers the most advanced microphones to date, as its 90° construction provides an unrivalled stereo feel, even at extreme sound pressure levels. Its wide frequency range reproduces deep, rich tones while the high Signal-to-Noise ratio satisfies the needs of delicate music recording.

Olympus has achieved a range of recorders that encompass every ounce of knowledge and expertise cultivated in its 43 year history in Audio. The LS truly represents the best that Olympus’ many years of experience have to offer, with support for the PCM format, the LS can make recordings far exceeding that of CD quality Audio. Meanwhile the microphone units crown a luxurious body and our high- quality microphone amplifiers are the result of persistence of superior sound.

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