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How To Give Your Digital Photos A Sense Of Depth

Tired of flat-looking photographs which underwhelm your viewers? If you want impressive, vivid photos that achieve great depth and consequently visual interest, this post is brimming with invaluable photography tips! To get started of course, you’ll first require some superb quality equipment - such as a trusty PENTAX digital camera - alongside any photographic accessories you think will give you a hand (such as a remote shutter release to minimise shake).

Creating A Sense Of Depth In Your Photographs

To make any image appear more three-dimensional and intriguing usually, unless you’re exceptionally lucky, requires some forethought. Once you’ve become more accustomed to these tips and tricks however, recognising how you can add more depth to your image will start to feel more natural. So let’s get started!

  1. What’s the closest thing in your image? – A defined foreground subject, such as a person or object, will always help to break your image up so that it appears less flat – this is particularly the case if you’re zooming in from a distance.
  1. Opt for a wide-angle lens (or zoom out!) – This will naturally exaggerate the perspective of your scene.
  1. Scrap landscape – As a landscape shot has a much wider field of view, it can be much more difficult to achieve a sense of depth in your image. When shooting in portrait however, you’re much more likely to capture a range of distances without even realising it.
  1. Shoot from a lower angle – A different viewpoint can dramatically alter your photo. Instead of just snapping your scene haphazardly, try experimenting with your viewpoint to see how your photographs change. If you shoot from the ground instead of at eye level, you’ll have objects that are both near (toward the bottom of your image), and far. Since we’re so familiar with seeing everything from eye level, your shots will give viewers a different perspective on the world, adding to its appeal.
  1. Utilize leading lines – As one of the most effective tools to create depth in your photo, if you don’t know what they are yet, it’s time you did! Leading lines can be anything from a train track or a shoreline to anything a row that will guide your viewer through your photograph, such as trees. They’re essentially prominent lines – manmade or from nature – that naturally draw a viewer into a photo, connecting the foreground to a background of a scene.

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