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Demystifying Camera Tripods: Your Essential Guide!

A seemingly unremarkable object, the tripod is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who’s passionate about photography. It doesn’t matter whether you have a top of the range PENTAX camera or a low-budget compact, a tripod will deservedly improve the quality of your photos. If you don’t know your panheads from your ballheads, or if you just need a little more info before making your decision, this essential guide is a great place to start. Have a read and make sure to check out our brilliant range of cameras and photographic equipment here at SRS.

Why Do Photographers Use Tripods?

They come in differing designs, sizes and prices, but strangely, you’d be lucky to find a tripod that isn’t black in colour. Fortunately, most photographers aren’t overly concerned about the appearance of their tripod, just so long as it gives them the prospect of capturing that all-important shot in high definition. But why do photographers actually use tripods? While the purpose of a tripod may seem straightforward, there’s more to these three legged implements than you may think.

In a nutshell, tripods are used to increase image sharpness and clarity by providing a stable, yet adjustable, platform for your camera from PENTAX. They’re ideal for low-light situations when a slow shutter speed is preferred, as without a tripod, camera shake – the main cause of blurry images - is a major risk. Here are some other reasons to invest in that innovative piece of equipment:

  • They allow professional photographers to properly (and respectfully) consider their photo composition, without feeling rushed. A person can even set up and take a break away from their camera, for instance if they were waiting for a sunset, as there’s no need to hold their DSLR in their hands.
  • Other photographic equipment such as a flash or reflector? No problem! Your tripod will hold that for you.
  • They enable photographers to simply and easily shoot at otherwise demanding angles with an adjustable pan or ball head. Panheads function by controlling two hinges; one which adjusts the horizontal (landscape) angle of your PENTAX camera, the other, the vertical (portrait) angle. Ballheads on the other hand move in all directions, allowing the photographer complete control. Both kinds of tripod heads have their downfalls and advantages, but it’s really all down to preference which one you go for.
  • They’re perfect for shooting precise self-portraits with a camera timer – selfie sticks really don’t compare with the time-tested tripod!

Things To Consider

  1. Your camera and tripod weight - The last thing you want from a tripod is for it buckle under the weight of your PENTAX DSLR, so take a look at the maximum weight load before you buy (and be aware that usually the more expensive an item, the better its design and sturdiness). Equally, if you’re going to be on the move a lot, you want one that’s reasonably lightweight so that it won’t break your back and can be folded up to fit neatly into your suitcase or backpack.
  2. Height – Depending on the kind of photos you’re taking, you’re going to have different height requirements. For close up or macro shots, you may want to get down really low, but for most other types of photography, a tripod that extends to eye level will offer the most comfort.

Capture Every Moment Perfectly With A PENTAX Camera

Founded in 1919, PENTAX, part of the RICOH group, can lay claim to a vast collection of award-winning, innovative camera technology. The level of engineering and design in their photographic equipment is recognised worldwide, making them one of the most successful brand’s in the industry. If you have any questions regarding a PENTAX camera or our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. Call us on 01923 226602 today, or email

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