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What To Consider When Upgrading Your PENTAX Camera

Dreaming about the 645Z PENTAX camera body or other high-end piece of kit? If you’re considering an upgrade but aren’t quite sure whether to go for it, this post will take you through some options you may not have considered already. Take a look and feel free to share, comment or recommend!

Do I Need A Camera Upgrade?

There’s a fine line between needing and wanting a PENTAX camera upgrade; oftentimes it’s a new lens, not a camera body which photographers would be better investing in - that said, there are certainly times when a new camera is the most practical solution to achieve brilliant image quality.

  • Your digital model may have been accidently dropped and damaged at some point, or perhaps its capabilities just aren’t quite what they once were. It’s worth bearing in mind that DSLRs do have a lifespan, since there are a limited number of shutter actuations they can carry out before they (devastatingly) die. You can find out your model’s expected lifespan by ‘Googling’ your exact model with the search terms “shutter count”. A completely black image is one sign of your camera’s shutter coming to its end.
  • You’re using your camera for commercial purposes – If you work for yourself, an ad agency or another firm that requires you to have large, high res images, such as for billboards and magazines, a full frame camera is likely to be needed.
  • Your current model is letting you down in a certain area – It might be its limitations when it comes to ISO that frustrates you most (technology has advanced a lot in the last 4 or so years in this area), its frames per second, or perhaps its focus accuracy and speed. Whatever it is, identify your main grievances and make them a priority for your next purchase.
  • Are you sure it is a lack of megapixels that’s letting you down? – If you’re not completely confident with certain photography techniques, it might not be your camera that's letting you down, but your level of skill. Instead of a camera upgrade, why not invest some time researching tips from pros or go on a photography course?
  • Will you be printing your photographs in large? Unfortunately, many people don't print their photographs out anymore; they simply upload them onto their computer or laptop and share them online. If this sounds like you, then it's probably not worth your while upgrading to the latest, most expensive PENTAX camera; at least, not unless you have a wallet that's weighing you down recently (and if so, we're jealous!).

Our expert advice if you’re undecided whether to buy a new lens or a new camera: A superior lens on a standard camera will always win over an inexpensive lens on a high-end, professional camera, however, if any of the above points ring true with you, go ahead and get that new body! It is almost Christmas after all...

Get Your PENTAX Camera Upgrade Today

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