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Capture The British Landscape With An Olympus Lens

Want to achieve beautiful clarity with your landscape shots? Whether you’ve just started learning the basics of landscape photography or are well practiced, you can’t go wrong with Olympus lenses. Established in 1919, Olympus has led the way in precision technology for almost a century. Take a look at our extensive collection and read on for tips on how to capture the British landscape like never before!

5 Helpful Landscape Photography Tips To Shoot Like A Pro

You don’t have to go overseas to capture beautiful landscapes; we have mesmerising wild countryside right on our doorsteps just waiting to be discovered. Don’t believe us? You only need to take a look at these wonderful landscape photographs taken around the UK.

  1. Fit The Right Lens – Once you’re sufficiently convinced that the UK is worthy of your attention as a landscape photographer (it is!), you must then decide what lens to use. While photographers who like to be unconventional may try to argue that a wide-angle lens for landscape is old news, we much prefer the traditional (and correct) point of view that landscape photography and the wide-angle lens were made for each other.
    Unlike other lenses, you’ll be able to capture more scenery in one single shot because of the short focal length (under 35mm) that every wide-angle lens has. Ultra wide-angle Olympus lenses are another option (under 20mm), and will make the viewer feel as though they’re stood right on scene with you.
  2. Aperture Settings – To ensure your image is brilliantly detailed from the foreground to the background, a higher aperture of around f/11 or f/16 is advisable. However, if you’re considering adding foreground interest which you want to keep in focus, your aperture value will need to be much higher to compensate for the shorter distance between the camera and your first point of interest.
  3. Consider adding foreground interest – Whether it’s a boat, rock, sheep or something else entirely, it will give the viewer something to look at, other than a horizon (no matter how beautiful) and could improve your landscape shot magnificently.
  4. Take note of time – The best time to shoot is usually early morning at sunrise or later just before sunset, though this will also depend on the weather and what you’re shooting. This requires planning and the ability to get up before dawn to set up your tripod and camera ready to capture the scene.
  5. Take lots of photos – We seem to end each blog post with this tip or a similar one, but a split second can make all the difference between an amazing photo and a throwaway one, so it’s something we really do recommend doing!

Shop Olympus Lenses At SRS

From the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 Pro Lens to the Olympus 9.18mm F4-5.6, we’ve a brilliant collection of wide-angle lenses from Olympus which are ideal for landscape photography. Take a look at our collection today or give us a call for more information on 01923 226602. You can also email us at!

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