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Achieving Higher Standards By Lowering Your Viewpoint

Dramatically changing your perspective of a scene – especially one which you see every day - can have surprising results. On a plane journey, we look down to see our three-dimensional worlds suddenly become flat and insignificant; it’s not just high angles that allow us to view our subject in a new way however, shooting from a low angle is a hugely effective way of creating a visually exciting (and engaging) photo, adding an perceivable amount of depth and challenging our notion of the world.

However, there’s more to achieving an exceptional low angle shot than you might think – it isn’t just a case of simply getting your knees mucky every now and then. Here are some tips to get low-angle shots worthy of attention!

How To Shoot Brilliant Photos From A Low Angle

Before you do anything, you’ll need equipment worthy of your skill, such as an award-winning PENTAX camera, and a creative eye that’s good at seeking out an interesting subject. Then, there’s only one thing for it, but to get down:

  • Low – Not just to an elegant squat either, we’re talking right down to the ground, so your chin is practically scraping the gravel, grass or whatever it is that’s beneath you. Think like a turtle, we say, or a baby whose yet to learn how to walk, and see the world from a distinctly lower perspective (which will make your photo instantly more interesting!).
  • Use a wide lens, or zoom out – Taking a picture from a lower angle on your elbows doesn’t give you much room for manoeuvre, however, a wide angle lens will give you a much wider field of view (hence the name), whilst also naturally achieving a greater sense of depth.
  • Get creative – Low angle photography with a PENTAX camera is a whole lot of fun, enabling you to capture moments that you would have missed had you been towering above your subject - a toddler’s frustrated facial expression as he struggles with his shoe laces, or the underside of a flower’s head catching the sunlight, for instance.

    You can also play around with foreground objects too, challenging your viewer further to see the world differently. Placing an apple immediately in front of your low angle shot with a scene behind, will make it appear huge in comparison!

  • Experiment – Last but not least, take lots of images and don’t be afraid to alter your camera settings. Your first shot might not be perfect, but after a bit of practise, you’re sure to get some quality, low angle shots!

Shop For Your Ideal PENTAX Camera At SRS

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