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Kenko Teleplus DG 2.0X MC4 Teleconverter - Pentax AF

A Kenko Teleplus DG Teleconverter is an easy and inexpensive way to increase the abilities of your lenses without the expense of purchasing and carrying another telephoto lens. Kenko Teleplus converters are small and easy to carry in your camera bag.

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Product Code: 2026


The Kenko 2x AF Teleplus DG MC4 teleconverter (also known as a tele-extender) will multiply the focal length of the existing lens by 2x, and will cut back the amount of light by 2 f/stops. For example, using a 2x teleconverter with a 300mm lens will effectively increase the focal length to 600mm. A lens set to f/2.8 will now be f/5.6.

Teleconverters are not recommended for lenses wider than 50mm, e.g. 28-105mm. However, full AF operation is only possible with lenses with open aperture of f/2.8 or brighter. Please be aware that AF will work properly only if there is enough light and contrast on the subject to activate the camera's AF sensors. Manual focusing is recommended when using lenses with smaller open f-stop value than those given above.


Warranty Period No
Finance Option Standard Finance


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