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Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod

The perfect companion for your compact system camera, the GorillaPod Hybrid by Joby is the most versatile, portable tripod for the demanding, active photographer.

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Product Code: DJN001


The perfect companion for your compact system camera, the GorillaPod Hybrid by Joby is the most versatile, portable tripod for the demanding, active photographer. Its rock-solid stabilisation and precise ball head-enabled positioning allow you to capture professional quality images without the inconvenience of a traditional full-size tripod system. Whether you’re staging a last minute street portrait, shooting time-lapse photos with the need for precise composition control, or recording stable, shake-free video, GorillaPod Hybrid lets you unleash the power of your hybrid camera.

Flexible, wrappable legs!

While the Gorillapod Hybrid serves all the functions of a traditional camera tripod; steadying your camera under low-light conditions, taking timed group shots, etc. - it is the only tripod malleable enough to provide you with the perfect shot while wrapped around a tree branch, hanging from a pole, or perched on a jagged rock. The possibilities are endless! Flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure equipment weighing up to 1kg to virtually any surface, enabling you to capture shots you never could before. Wrap it around a railing, hang it from a tree, or use it in the studio - the Gorillapod Hybrid provides the stability of a professional tripod at a fraction of the size and weight.

Integrated ball head

The GorillaPod Hybrid comes with an integrated aluminium ball head including 90° tilt and 360° pan. This allows you to quickly and precisely orient your camera and create beautiful compositions with strict control over portrait and landscape setups. It features a bubble level to ensure your shots are always perfectly positioned and the dual action adjustment knob easily locks the ball head in place, securing it tightly. Also included is the quick release facility. A slim-line quick-release clip which is included with the product simply screws into the standard tripod mount in the bottom of your camera. This then snaps into the ball head for instant setup. To quickly remove your camera from the Gorillapod you can just press the button on the ballhead to allow the clip (and camera) to quickly slide out.

Sturdy patented construction

Over two dozen leg joints will bend and rotate 360° giving you the flexibility to set up your Gorillapod anywhere. This innovative design has been crafted to be extremely durable by using best-in-class materials. The Gorillapod Hybrid is the only tripod in its category to use such a high grade of ABS plastic and TPE for secure joints that will stay firm and grippy after years of shooting. The rubberised ring and foot grips give you enhanced stability on difficult terrain. Joby are so confident in this quality that the Gorillapod Hybrid comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in material or workmanship.

Hybrid as a tripod alternative

The Gorillapod Hybrid is the ideal camera accessory for photographers on-the-go. Throw it in your kit bag and you'll be ready for your next adventure. Weighing only 191g yet having a weight capacity of up to 1kg the Hybrid is both compact and lightweight, making it the ideal camera accessory for the photographer on-the-go. This product is great for Super Zoom and Compact System (Micro 4/3) cameras but can also work very well with bridge cameras and camcorders.

Joby Gorillapod Hybrid specification:

Joby Gorillapod Hybrid Sepcification


Warranty Period 1 Year
Finance Option Standard Finance


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