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Refurbished Nikon WR10 Wireless Controller Set

The Nikon Wireless Remote Controller Set allows you to wirelessly control your Nikon camera from a distance.

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Product Code: REFURB_NIKON_WR10


The Nikon Wireless Remote Controller Set allows you to wirelessly control your Nikon camera from a distance. Much more than a simple shutter release, the kit allows you to also control such functions as the autofocus, video recording continuous and silent shooting, as well as featuring a programmable function button.

With additional WR-R10 units you can even trigger multiple cameras at once. The kit is extremely useful for wildlife and studio photographers alike.

Both wireless remote controllers communicate with the camera at radio frequencies, providing an increased range of operation, and enabling communication even when there is no direct line of sight between devices. Using both devices provides an operating range of at least 20 meters. With two controllers, the range increases to 50 meters or more. You can use the WR-R10 transceiver and the WR-T10 transmitter together to trigger a single camera, or attach the WR-R10 transceivers to multiple camera bodies and capture the same moment from different perspectives. The WR-A10 Adapter is used to convert the ten-pin remote terminal of the camera to the new accessory terminal.

Photographers can use the WR-T10 to simultaneously release the shutter on multiple cameras that have a WR-R10 unit attached and have been paired with the WR-T10.

Three radio frequency channels are available for use, to prevent interference when multiple pairings or photographers are shooting in one location.

Range (line of sight) from the WR-T10 to WR-R10s is 66 feet (20 meters).

Range (line of sight) from WR-R10 (used with the WR-A10 WR adapter on select D-SLRs, and acting as a master unit) to WR-R10s is 164 feet (50 meters).

An unlimited number of cameras with a paired WR-R10 unit attached can be controlled by the WR-T10 unit. Useful for triggering the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds, to prevent camera movement.

The term ‘refurbished' refers to products that have been returned to the manufacturer for any of a number of reasons, like if a retail store opens a product for showcasing and it is not purchased, or if an item was returned by a consumer after short-term use, than it's sent back to the manufacturer to be factory reconditioned.

Once returned to the manufacturer, the entire item is completely checked to assure it meets all factory specifications and is quality tested again. Products may be supplied in the original boxes which will be a little tatty, or a new plain black box.

This item has a 1 year warranty. The first six months is a Nikon warranty and can be returned to Nikon or ourselves. The second six months is with us. The product would need to be returned to us and we will send the item to Nikon on your behalf.


Warranty Period 1 Year


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