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OP/TECH Double Sling


Product Code: 8359


The Double Sling from OP/TECH USA offers the same feel and fast action of the Utility Strap - Sling. . . times two! Its U-shaped neoprene pad effectively distributes and balances the weight of two cameras while absorbing the shock of the photographer’s movements. The cameras glide up and down the strap with unparalleled ease and speed so photographers not only stay comfortable- they'll never miss a shot due to a tangled strap. Using OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop Connectors (included with harness) to attach the cameras- the tripod socket remains available. The strap also has added flexibility in that it can be adjusted to carry only one camera if desired. By simply adjusting one of the slings snugly under the arm- the U-shaped pad remains stable on the shoulders. The Sling Strap Adaptor System Connector used on the Double Sling can be removed from the U-shaped pad and added to any other OP/TECH USA standard strap pad to create an over-the-shoulder sling strap. This interchangeable design gives the photographer flexibility to customize their gear to fit their ever-changing needs. Comfort- security and flexibility sum up the features of the Double Sling. Recommended Load: Up to 6.8kg per side Carry Style: Harness and Sling Connection Points: up to four Connection Type: Uni-Loops Strap Length: Fully adjustable 58.4cm - 91.4cm Pad Dimensions: U-shaped Neoprene pad 60.9cm in length Quick Disconnects: Yes Materials: Neoprene pad- nylon webbing and leather tabs Webbing Width: 1"


Warranty Period N/A
Finance Option Standard Finance


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